Beyond polaris THE Shattering

After leaving the Vega-51 station in the direction of the former Réah mining colony, Serah Alec Mechanotrician and Child of the stars is now stuck in this strange world …

Chasing the stellar object from the great Magellanic cloud, Serah activated the Exya protocol allowing an authorized exit from the jumper’s space station during sudden unidentified object discoveries.

Thinking of a potential energy resource Serah and Octavia decides to land on Réah to conduct their own investigations. Unfortunately, when entering the atmosphere, the Orion-32 vessel finds itself under fire by anti-aircraft battery that fails to shoot down the aircraft. Serah and Octavia managed a forced landing in a desert who suppose to be a space airport for cargo … Surprise of this environment of sand without soul or infrastructure Serah decides to launch a s.o.s in the Galactic Network without any response …

Conscious of an unknown danger, Serah and Octavia continue their adventures in this mysterious colony hoping to have answers on the origin of this unidentified object but also on the real history of this world.

Amazon Prime Video

Beyond Polaris the Shattering will be release fall 2020 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video !

One Reeler of Los Angeles 2018

Beyond Polaris the shortfilm was rewarded on the international shortmovie competition of Los Angeles in 2018.


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