Military Schools is an important step for all young graduates from UNES(United Nation of the Earth System) universities. Students call it TEOS, the key to finding the best jobs in the solar system in prestigious conglomerates such as Nora Corp.

They learn all post-graduate jobs but above all: discipline, courage and unity.

This internship is also obligatory for the Children of the stars as for the majority of them, it will be the first experience into a planet.

Serah, Kaz and Mia succeeded in integrating the elite of the military schools called « guardian’s troopers » based on Titan. 

For a period of 6 months earth time, they will have to complete and validate a number of sustained training and complex mission for hoping to obtain the famous TEOS.

Beyond their journeys squadron 3 will have as main mission to protect the local populations against smuggling, illegals traffic and drugs.

Beyond Polaris Guardian is a action-rpg and TPS on a flexible campaign system with different stories.

Incarne 3 unique characters and develop your personal story thanks to the innovative Galactic Network system.

Discover an open world with dozens of different culture.

Original soundtrack signed by Paolo Farina.

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